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The genesis of Barkaat Fruits and Vegetables dates back to 2020 with our humble beginnings in the trade of fresh fruits and vegetables – a tradition that Barkaat has preserved to date. Barkaat continues to be the most trusted source for a fascinatingly diverse spectrum of foods – from the mundane to exotic, and from the essentials to the esoteric. In addition to fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Barkaat has added more convenience to the portfolio with Cut Fruits & Vegetables, Freshly Squeezed Juices, Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Salads, Pickles, Jams and Ice Pops made with fresh fruits & vegetables. Quality, Freshness and Health is at the heart of every Barkaat product and every Barkaati lives by that promise.

Our products include

Barkaat Fresh Fruits & Vegetables – sourced from all around the world, Barkaat offers the finest and freshest fruits & vegetables to consumers.

Barkaat Fresh Juices – the cold, pure, fresh and flavorsome juices are undoubtedly the best-selling products in our category. Uncompromising in our promise to serve it fresh, alive and straight from the best quality of fruits & vegetables, our juices are freshly squeezed with no additives and preservatives and have to be stored at 1.5°C to 3.5°C at all times.

Barkaat Fresh Salads – a collection of fine fruits & vegetables salads preparations with customer’s nutritional needs and health at heart of every preparation.

Our Vision

To be the first choice for quality produce in Pakistan by combining aggressive, strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best product value for our customers.

Our Mission

To entice consumers to eat healthier by offering a superior selection and quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Barkaat leadership team is committed to:

We recognize our customers are essential to our success, and we are committed to listening to them in order to continuously improve our processes to provide premium quality products and services that exceed their expectations.

We are committed to supplying with fruits and vegetables that are safe for consumption by our customers. We are committed to doing our part to ensure the security of our fruits and vegetables from the field to the store.

Quality is Barkaat’s number one goal. We are committed to embracing and employing total quality in every aspect of our business – in our employees, our operations, and our processes, to provide top quality products and services to our customers.

We recognize that our employees are an integral part of the Barkaat team and are our most important resource. We are committed to providing our employees with leadership based on honesty and integrity and treating them with fairness, respect and dignity. We vow to provide them with an enjoyable, safe, and rewarding work environment.

Our founder

At Barkaat Fruits & Vegetables, we owe our success to the foresight and principles laid out by our Founder, Mian Zahid Amin Chaudhary. These principles – which continue to guide us today – include Barkaat’s professional approach, superior service quality, premium fresh products and unwavering customer focus.

Mian Zahid continues to be an active Board Member at Barkaat to this day.

He is a Master of Business Administration having many years of experience in diversified fields of business local and multinational in various countries.

Message from our founder

“Good healthy and delicious food for all! Fresh fruits and vegetables are a delicious, healthy food. Our products not only give you the Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Fibers you need to take care of your health, but also thanks to their Fragrance, Flavour, Taste and Colour, they give you as a collateral pleasure and joy.”




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